In the Spotlight February, 2004


The City of Princeton owns and maintains a 45-acre cemetery. Cedar Hill was established in 1810. The first known grave is that of Captain William Prince. Captain Prince was a Revolutionary War Veteran and the City of Princeton is named for him. He was born in 1752 and died in 1810.

There are approximately 14,500 graves in the cemetery and only 1200 lots available for purchase. The city recently purchased an additional 33-acres which are yet to be developed. The oldest part of the cemetery is divided into sections 1 thru 18; the other half is alphabetical A thru E.

In 1953, Mr. Rudy Cantrell donated a parcel of land to the city adjacent to Cedar Hill. This section was named the Cantrell Addition and the lots are sold in pairs. The Cantrell Addition also includes a crypt of 120 spaces with only 10% vacant.

Cedar Hill Cemetery is beautiful and very well maintained. Our employees take pride and dedication in their work. Our Sexton and his assistant have 44 years experience between them in handling cemetery operations.

A note of interest in our cemetery is that relatives of the Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln, are buried here. In particular is Robert H. Hanks, 1823-1904, who is a first cousin of Mr. Lincoln's. He is the son of Catherine and Henry Hanks. Henry was a brother to Lincoln's mother, Nancy. Catherine Hanks, Lincoln's aunt, was interred here in 1845. Others in the family plot include Robert's wife, Mariah D. Hanks, 1842-1905, and their children, Maude Hanks (1878-1957), Ada Hanks (1861-1937), Kit Hanks (1868-1937), and Lillian Hanks Froman (1859-1913), all of who are second cousins to President Lincoln.

If you are ever in the vicinity of Princeton, KY, please feel free to stop by and visit our beautiful grounds